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Korra lesbian ending

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Sigh it was only a matter of time before this became controversial enough to end up here. One of my favorites was this beautiful one, by Drakyx who does amazing fanart in general.

If people didn't see the hints for korrasami then they either missed the subtlety of it and there's nothing wrong with that, I miss shit all the time or they were viewing all the relationships through a heteronormative perspective and there's nothing really all that wrong with that either. Anushka nude fuck. Life is a universal ideal, even if some good comes from her death. Korra lesbian ending. Then the pacific rim fight at the end was stupid. The two female best friends liked each other. I swear I read something somewhere about how they consider lesbian relationships between younger girls to be acceptable in mainstream Japanese culture.

As was Jinora's spirituality saving the day. Personally, I expected nothing more than hints like the blush Korra did when Asami complimented her hair. I liked how they were throwing building and stuff at it, everyone working together to try to bring the thing down. Fat girl ass clap. I feel like it's too forced and I'd rather have Korra end up alone.

I can also understand how the ending was the very start of their romantic relationship, which makes sense to me. There is no basis to their friendship. Transcript for - The Last Stand. Kind of a coincidence don't you think? The creators themselves spoke up and confirmed it. The series should not have ended in a shipping war. So they went on trip thogether.

Retrieved 8 April Don't take my word for it Transcript for - The Aftermath. So gay people have different sex drives from heterosexual people? Have you ever played The Last of Us? Having re-watched it now, It could have been worse. Throughout season three, Asami and Korra's friendship deepens.

At the very least fan fictions are gonna go nuts. Overall, it was a decent enough ending given the circumstances.

The Promise - Part 12 and 3. It made the discussions about the finale all about the relationship and not about Korra herself. Not saying it's canon but why are people so adamant that it's not canon? Let the queer community have this.

Konietzko also confirmed the popular theory that the visual of Korra and Asami holding hands was deliberately designed to mirror the stance of other romantic couples in the show.

Korra lesbian ending

And I loved it.

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They exist but are by and large not common and the average Japanese would find them strange. Sign In Don't have an account? In part one, Korra and Asami spend time in the Spirit World exploring their romantic feelings for each other.

Season 3's ending honestly felt more like a series finale than this did. Porn 2 girls fucking. Korra lesbian ending. Also this sort of thing used to happen a lot on old television and movies back when it was taboo to even show heterosexual couples kissing to children. Looking back on it, Korrasami seems obvious. If Korra and Asami were an opposite-sex friendship, and nothing else about their interaction changed, no one would have said they were blindsided by the ending.

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I really don't know why it pisses people off that those 2 could hook up. They did something progressive and tried to make Korrasami cannon when it didn't work effectively because it was never planned for. At least add "Korra Spoiler Alert" to the beginning of the title. The only difference is that Aang and Katara kiss. Namibian girl fucked. She went from being boy-crazy to gaining two friends. This story contains spoilers for the series finale of Avatar: There was room for improvement but I understand that being canceled even though one of the more popular shows and being on a kids channel did limit stuff they could do and show.

Korra and Asami always liked each other. Night Shyamalan's Last Airbender". Some batshippers even went so far as to say that 'shipping Korra with anyone except Mako was, therefore, disrespectful to her character agency. Korra always seemed butch from the very beginning.

Good luck forcing yourself through season 2. How am I not trying to make sense? The point they're explicitly making here is that violence isn't the only way to live, even if we agree life isn't the most important ideal. I did expect them to nuke Republic City and was hoping for a more dramatic death than Assami's dad, who basically returned for one episode this season to setup that moment.

There was a great Mako and Bolin brother moment two brother characters not even hesitating in saying they love each other and pulling each other into a hug — awesome and Mako once again solidifying his friendship with Korra, showing that exes can still care about each other deeply even when the relationship ends.

It was very obviously implied to be romantic in nature, and that's not even considering how often that pose has been used before within the show as something romantic. Korrasami out of nowhere. All those elements together say it was intentional for them to be in a romantic relationship. Selena gomez bikini nude. Retrieved from " https: Well this one had a bit of a Hitler comparison to it.

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